We are supplier of video surveillance products, tactical operation equipment and evidence gathering systems for Law Enforcement Agencies. Some of our products that are considered sensitive or classified will only be discussed on a direct basis with pre-checked and confirmed Government Law Enforcement Agencies. Information on those products is only available by direct contact with us.

Our products are developed and optimized for practical operations by professional experts.  We provide solutions which go far beyond the industry benchmark. Due to firsthand experience and our extensive technical background we are able to customize systems to ensure they are ‘fit for purpose’.


The best way to discover the value of our product is to test them or to have a practice with the equipment. For that reason we organize training lessons for our clients where they can work with our systems and find out the possibilities. We teach them how to install and to operate the equipment so that it works with maximum results in the field.  

All of our course programmes are tailor-made and have been developed to ensure that the intended learning outcomes are delivered against an operational context. Our consultants leverage unrivalled experience in the field and as trainers to ensure that all tuition is realistic, fit for purpose and specifically customized to meet individual client requirements.

Customised Systems

Our experiences taught us that it is not a single product that is used when law enforcement forces are doing their job. What they need is a complex system that fulfils their requirement from the start of the operation till the results' evaluation. We provide complete solutions, customised for sophisticated applications.

Trusting in our close cooperation we help you to complete your equipment and adopt it to your needs. We honour your wishes and concerns and do our best to modify, integrate and enhance existing products to ensure they are ready for action. We assist you planning the system, purchase the components, integrate the specific products and train you to get the maximum out of it.